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Hooray, You all got the correct answer to yesterdays trivia quiz, Way to go.

Today this one question was quite a quandry for me, see how you all do. What percentage of an Apple's volume is air? 13%; 43%; 23%; or 50% . Hint it is enough volume that the apple floats. Why not make a guess, and welcome back Brenda as the saying goes, "It ain't no fun to lose your glasses"


Psalm 8:1,2 "How excellent is Your name in all the reach, Who have set Your glory above the heavens! Out of the mouth of babes and nursing infants You have ordained strength, Because of your enemies, That You may silence the enemy and the avenger."

This Psalm begins by speaking of the wonder and majesty and amazing nature of God. 1) He begins by reminding us of the excellence of His place among men (man's need for God in our life). When we fall or are ill our first thought is to cry out to Him for help. In ministry, I have found that even the most defiant atheist, when flat on their back never refuse for me to pray to God for healing, even to the extent of closing their eyes, and affirm this prayer.

Then 2) The praise and love for God that comes from a small child. I remember when any of my children were sick, or hurt, one of the most comforting things I could do was to quietly sing what we call our nightly night song. It goes like this "God is watching over you, watching over you, watching over you, God is watching over you tonight or today." depending on the time of day we were praying.

In working with children, I have found that I have little need to speak of God and His love for them, but as I tell them they instantly believe and rest in Him.

Then 3) God raises up those who are strong for the weak. I have noticed, when a baby is crying the care giver who is charged with the care of that child is given special strength to ward off any thing that has intruded on that babies presence. Be it animal, man, bird, fish, there is no more fierce adversary for that baby. Their purpose to silence (remove) the enemy seeking harm or considered harm on that little one.

SO GO WITH GOD my dear child of God, for whether you are obedient, or defiant, when you call out to Him He will run to you with arms of love and comfort. If your in doubt of this just watch those caring for a helpless child and their response when that baby senses the feeling in danger. That one given charge comes running full tilt into the presence of that baby who isa crying out. This in and of itself is the confirmation of our Father's love for us. Rest in this evidence of His caring for you.

It is as Matthew 11:25 says, Our God has hidden the truth of God's greatness, love and care in the heart of children.

If you have time a few minutes go to Youtube and listen to Sandy Patti sing out this truth "Oh Lord, Our Lord How excellent is your name." See if your heart isn't illated by the message. Again welcome back Brenda.

Lindsay Winterton
brenda x


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