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Pastor’s Corner

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What a wonderful day of fellowship we shared yesterday in church, we missEd those of you who aren’t able to join in, but we know many aren’t able to come & we prayed for you after church. You can be sure that your presence is missed.

Our meditation is focused on Prov. 13:14-16 “The instruction of the wise is like a life-giving fountain; those who accept (place importance on) it avoid the snares of death. A person with good sense is respected;... Wise people think before they act...”

The Bible is the “instruction of the wise” so to take time to read, consider and meditate on it for it gives life to everyone who considers, and then acts on His (God’s) instruction.

Have you ever acted on a whim and then realized how foolish you were in your action? That response is like the warning light in your car; Stop; take time to change course;

call out to God for forgiveness and then move in His direction.

I remember the refreshment of a cool dip in the water on a hot day. That same refreshing is at your fingertips .

So Go with God and He will renew that refreshing, life-giving flow in your life as if nothing foolish had happened. He will bring the cleansing work of the Spirit into your very being, rest on Him.

Shirley McMahan


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