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In answer to our question of yesterday, regarding what a group of bananas is called. The correct scientific term is "hands" each can contain up to 20 bananas that is connected by a central stalk. However, the common way to refer to multiple bananas growing together is called a "bunch" So, technically two of the terms were right. So, you all answered correctly.

On the lighter side, If cats could text you back --- they wouldn't.

How does a lion greet other animals? Pleased to eat you. Ho, ho.


Ecclesiastes 12:7 "For then the dust will return to the earth, and the spirit will return to God who gave it."

Solomon is reiterating just why it is vital that we do as He says in the beginning thought of verse 6 "Remember your creator" for at the end of our lives we will return to dust and our spirit will return to our God in heaven. This is why our life should be taken up with fulfilling our life's purpose which should begin with daily fellowship and communion with our Heavenly Father.

Otherwise what results in a life that fails to be spent in the best way, rather than our time being daily guided by the Father, we tend to get off course and then our attention becomes adrift to those things which are important in the eternal scheme of things. You see wisdom is not inevitable, it is only acheived as we determine to take the time to remember our creator and follow in His wisdom.

SO GO WITH GOD for then and only then will we accomplish our true value in life. If we fail to daily come before Him and follow in His path we will fail in achieving our intended purpose. If we fail to be guided and in accord with our Lord, we may accomplish some things, but they will fall short of our intention. It becomes like us building a pool with a teaspoon, we may accomplish something but we may not bring that task to completion, or fall short in His intention. So attempt to daily stay on course and then as we return to our Father He will speak those coveted words, "Well done thou good and faithful servant."



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