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Way to go Brenda you answered our question correctly. "et cetera" means: "and the others"

Imagine this that word has been part of our vocabulary since the early 1400s. However, in recent years the 20th century it has been more frequently used as "etc".

By the way do you know that, Hawaii was the first state to ban what item? Solar panels; Raising chickens; Billboards; Or street lights? Guess which one you think.

Monday 6/5

Prov. 31:9 Yes, speak up for the poor and helpless, and see that they get justice."

Last week we looked at the role of those who were in authority over the speechless & those who were not getting a proper treatment of justice. The KJ version called them "those appointed to die" The inference there was those who rather than consider their case, due to their inability to bring benefit to the leaders, they were deemed worthy of death. In other words they had no one to represent them in court, so they were cast off with the death penalty. The thought here is that everyone should be granted time and interest to understand their concerns.

In our present day, we are required to provide a court representative, if someone is unable to provide a representative themselves (particularly if they are disabled).

Now today we are told to make sure that a defense is provided not only for those unable to provide a representative (poor), but also for those who are foreigners (needy). In other words those who need a representative who knows their language, culture, and concerns.

In fact Lev. 19:15 says "Do not twist justice in legal matters by favoring the poor or being partial to the rich and powerful. Always judge (all) people fairly. Also in Deut 1:16 "... Be perfectly fair in your decisions."

This was one of the unique concepts of Israel, they were known for being fair to everyone. Whether they were foreigners, poor, or even unable to be understood. Unless they were able to be provided a fair and complete hearing they were not judged, with the exception of murder.

The Jewish nation had no prisons, rather they had local overseerers who would be assigned the role of holding responsible the law breaker. However, they had 6 cities of refuge where, someone who claimed they accidently killed another person could remain until the religious leaders could hear their case and determine proper justice measures.

If however, they were determined to have intentionally murdered the person they were put to death, usually by a community stoning. This way all could see accountability being required, whether rich, powerful or not, everyone was held accountable before the penalty of death was carried out.

Justice was an important matter to the Jew:

Job 29:12 he held up his treatment for the poor & needy as a badge of respectability

Isa. 1:17 the prophet declared the importance of this cause for the nation

Jer. 22:16 the king Josiah was granted blessings by God for being just in his dealings

The result of this high regard for justice regardless of the person's value was that people took great interest in doing commerce in the land of Israel. This was as it were a magnet for hard working people to chose to live, work, and raise their family. Much like our American dream concept.

This was the inference Pres. George W. Bush called our nation "the light on the hill". This was the term spoken of by the Jewish nation about its focus on justice. In our Pledge of Allegiance we pledge to provide justice for all, regardless of wealth, power, influence, etc. Much of the turmoil of our day in this country is based on the attempts of some leaders corrupting this principle for financial & powerful gain.

The consequences of this inner struggle speaks out to the importance of our teaching today. The next 22 verses in this last chapter point out the benefits of the wife who lives out character of God's consideration of nobility. Notice: her focus is trained on the home. You may ask, Why? Well is because the home is the very seat of a nations influence.

In fact all of the writings of this entire book hang on this one truth, "The home" which at the very center is the wife & mother. Tomorrow we will be looking at the important qualities that need to be passed on to our children through our home, by our moms & wives. They are the very pivotal necessity of our whole nation. Now we see why Satan is striving to minimize its importance.

So Go With God for He will guide us to protect & defend justice, starting at home, then onto our neighborhood, community, city, county, state, and ultimately our nation. This term "justice for all" is a focal point in God's point of view. However, unless it is under the rule of God it falls short.

We must all protect justice first of all in our own walk with God, to walk justly before him, then reaching out to all of those who are living around us. We must determine to the best of our ability to uphold justice in every way possible. To draw others who have that same desire around us and to support that interest in our community, city, county, nation, etc.

Only as we look to Him & walk with Him, can we effectively live out these qualities in our daily lives.

Oh my dear one, He promises His strength to reach out even to the weak. So stand in Him complete.

If you have time listen to the song on you tube Jesus Paid It All- Reawaken Hymns

brenda x
Jun 05, 2023

I think billboards is a good guess, but i think its street lights. So stars are easier to see in night sky.



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