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Well you were right folks; The Big Idaho Potato Hotel is found in Idaho. It has been seen in many TV adds. A few years ago it was converted into a romantic rural getaway for two. This 28 foot giant potato has been recycled from the Big Potato Tour which was hosted by the Idaho Potato Commision into a quaint hotel accommodation by its owner Kristie, a proud tour spokesperson.

On the lighter side: Why did the elephant eat the candle? Just for a light refreshment. Oh Oh Oh

Prov. 29:16 "When the wicked are in authority, sin flourishes, but the godly will live to see their downfall."

This verse is sandwiched between two verses which speak about the importance of properly disciplining children. However, this is not a mistake. For the failure of a parent to attempt to effectively discipline his children will result in the ungodly growing in number.

You say, How is that proven? Well I respond by saying; Open you eyes, look around you, the results surround you.

Violence & evil are all around us. Why else would our nation have experience 136 mass shootings in one year in 2022? As you observe the conclusions of these cases, at the very bottom of these matters, is the failure of effective parenting. Either both parents are MIA (missing in action) which is the most common thread, or they are trying to be the buddy not the parent. Now I realize, that this is in some cases a generalization, however, this isn't my observation, but rather the justice systems own findings.

Now back to our verse, "When the wicked" grow more numerically & powerfully the crime rate increases,

"Sin flourishes"

Notice the next phrase doesn't say that they will see their downfall, "But the godly...will see their downfall".

Those who are godless may not even be aware of their downfall, or loss. They may perish before the results are known. In fact, for the most of these events, these violent shootings, their life is cut short instantly. The enemy has duped them into thinking that their mission is a just and vital cause. It is through the investigations of those seeking righteousness that this actual truth is found, "the downfall".

Now there may be some exceptions, possibly due to a shrouding of the facts, but primarily, this is true.

These verses are laid down here to emphasize the extreme importance of firm, consistent, child-rearing. This is a recurring theme, that proper discipline is as a result of a commitment of parents to their children's future growth rather than a desire to make their (the parents) life easier.

In the next verse we will look at tomorrow, it re-iterates this true outcome.

So Go With God for when we are accompanied by our inner Holy Spirit we will be guided in ways far beyond our own reasonings. For our reasonings are weak & frail, but His ways bring blessings. Oh the ultimate joys of those parents who prayerfully ask for guidance in this difficult effort of parenting.

Lindsay Winterton
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