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Happy Monday to you all, What do you call a nutty dog in Australia? Yeah it’s a dingo-ling no more explanation needed. Ha!!!

Our meditation today is in

Prov. 17:11 “ An evil man seeks only rebellion; Therefore a cruel messenger will be sent against him.”

Notice two thoughts/concerns are spoken of clearly here.

Evil people‘s motives are never good

In other words they are always

opposing God’s plan or order

As you look around you there

are those people in our world

who always seem to be in

conflict with creation, order,

Biblical guidelines, parental

oversight, constitutional

directives, etc. etc. etc.

As you look around our

world, take a minute to think

of some acts of rebellion

prevalent in our day ,


Now with those rebellious action in sight.

The second thought spoken of here are the natural consequences.

Those with evil motives will ALWAYS suffer some form of punishment.

Whether from nature - you

jump off a building you will

suffer pain

Or from governmental laws-

you drive 100 you will

ultimately face a fine, loss of

license, and even jail time if

you continue the practice

Even God’s order - refuse to

eat, drink or breath you will

succumb to these

requirements or hike in the

dessert without a canteen or

some source of fluids the

consequence is sure

Satan the ultimate rebel is able to confuse innocent, unwise, people into following in his ways that end in harm & destruction, and at the same time confuse others into putting the blame on a loving Father.

Looking at this from a 30,000 foot view it all makes sense, but looking at it from the surface we see so many who are broken, tricked, and eternally harmed.

Our dilemma is How can we help these harmed people? Pray, Speak of the lessons from our life pointing otherwise, Point to others who have been tricked by Satan, Seek to guide them to others who have made similar mistakes, (from the Bible, present life (minor girl who urged her boyfriend to continuously commit a suicidal act and now will go to prison herself), etc. Love them through the hard times in their lives.

So Go With God and He will guide you with the words to say and the actions to take in your own life and in the lives of those others being fooled.

Lindsay Winterton


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