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Wednesday 9/28

Well I bet you can't guess what the fiercest flower in the garden is? Just in case your interested. It's the tiger lily? Oh well, it was just to funny to pass up. Right?

Our meditation verses today is found in Prov. 23:19-22 "I am teaching you today - yes, you - so you will trust in the Lord. I have written thirty sayings for you, filled with advice and knowledge. In this way, you may know the truth and take an accurate report to those who sent you."

Here Solomon opens up for us God's primary purpose for writing this book; So that we will learn to trust in Him in all our life, in the everyday practical areas as well as the spiritual realm.

Next, verse 20 gives us an insight into What is the purpose of this book: to admonish us & to fill our heart and mind with knowledge in our eternal spiritual realm as well as knowledge for our practical daily living.

Verse 21 tells us God's aim for constructing this book in this way. Is in order that those who have come to know Him would be fortified with His counsel.

One of our purposes for going slowly through Proverbs is because as we learn Our Father's viewpoints on life and then we see how they are practical & achievable then the natural outcome is that we begin to trust Him in all of our ways.

In 22:22 - 24:22 He lays out the most effective way of living & thinking in order to see His eternal perspective.

So Go With God and He will daily guide you in ways that bring blessing & success in what you do, then as a result others will begin to come to you for the ways of wisdom.

Lindsay Winterton


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