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Happy Thursday to you my dear friend. Hey, Do you know in what state the first typewriter was invented? Was it Wisconsin; Massachusetts; Michigan; Or was it Connecticut? Make a guess, I was totally fooled.

Robin Williams, the comedian, made this statement, "I don't know why its called the rush hour when nothing moves." That joke could only be understood in a very populated place like Southern California, or Southern New York. In my home town, a traffic jam was when there was a car at each corner of the road. Ha! Hardly a rush hour. How bout you? What made up a rush hour in your life?

Thursday 3/16

Prov. 29:3 "The man who loves wisdom brings joy to his father, but if he hangs around prostitutes, his wealth is wasted."

This verse has two positive guidelines:


Determine to be a life long learner

Place great value on being productive and on your home & family


Don't stop seeking to gain insights in life

Don't waste your life resources in pleasure, whether sexually, or otherwise,

Solomon is bringing to his sons & us, the value in a life of learning in order to bring greater productivity to their lives & others, looking at the challenges in their lives, and then coming up with practical solutions. By doing these things they will bring honor to their lives and their kingdom. Here are a few of the practical lessons that Solomon blessed Israel with in his lifetime.

He learned the gain of diverting water underground in order to make it impossible for an army to defeat

any city by laying siege to it (cutting off water & food source from people in walled cities)

He developed a way to separate salt from ocean water (desalinization of water) so that fresh water was

available year around, and at the same time the uses of salt, flavoring, retarding deteriation of meat

Then he developed a series of canals in the land to bring water to their fields, from the ocean, from

springs, lakes, rivers, etc.

He developed effective warring tactics, the use of catipults, volleys of archers, horse shielding in order

to ram walking armies with fast moving barriers between horses, chariots with shielded archers, etc.

He developed a variety of fertilization of crops from composting, horse, animal manuer, etc.

He developed many more of these practical solutions, many others referred to in the book of


Secondly, Solomon set out to correct his failures, (too many wives, to much attention to pleasure) and then his failure to properly leaving a parenting influence on his/the nations children

Instituted sabbath schools on the temple grounds, rendering a culture of people who could read, write,

varied forms of math calculations, play musical instruments, sing songs of praise that his father, David


Established classes in warring tactics to provide protection throughout the kingdoms, developed

special forces, developing strategic various forms of illusions to distract & overwhelm enemy armies

Place great honor on libraries, learning, science, began the learned use of natural ingredients for

healing, etc.

Lead the nation away from adulterous activity toward affirmation of all learning, developed first systems

of higher learning, encouraging the development of effective reasoning skills,

Developed judicial courts among all the people to develop justice for all people not just the wealthy

Can you see just why Israel became such a powerful nation? Unfortunately all of these great skills, became unraveled when the people began the degrading decline away from God, then away from learning, then toward the breakdown of the family, then of the culture, and ultimately into decay & ultimately into defeat & slavery.

Sounds like many of the things going on today, doesn't it? The answer, Repent, turn ourselves to God's ways, lead our children to recognize the value righteous living in theirs/our lives.

In other words, To Go With God, for only He can satisfy.

Lanny Wolfe wrote this:

Only Jesus can satisfy your soul.

You can have the fame and fortune and all the wealth you can obtain, but if you have not Christ with in you, your living here would be in vain.

There'll come a day when death will call you; your money can not help you.

So come to Jesus, for only He can satisfy.

This was what Solomon came to understand, & so as a result he & the Spirit penned the book of Proverbs.

These words, each verse assumes we know the ultimate priority of knowing & desiring to follow our gracious God and then first & foremost following in His instructions. If we simply follow these words without allegiance to our Father, true we will greatly benefit, however, we won't experience the full joy, richness, and fulfilling blessings of walking with Him, partnering together with Him through life.

That's why I conclude each meditation with these words, So Go With God, this is the final necessity for a fulfilled life.

For the music of this song You Tube: Only Jesus can satisfy your soul by Leesa Mac take a listen to end your meditation

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