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It’s MONDAY yeah. By the way, What day never takes itself seriously? You guessed it, April Fools Day. Just fooling.

Todays meditation is found in

Prov. 20:25 “Don’t trap yourself by making a rash promise to God and only later counting the cost.”

This warning is spoken of in several places in the Bible. Which we remember, when a warning is duplicated several times means that it is important to uphold.

Solomon repeats this warning in Eccl. 5:4-6.Then he further clarified his instruction.

Don’t put off fulfilling your


It’s better NOT to make a

promise than to disregard

fulfilling it

Don’t try to resend your promise

Psa. 50:14 David tells us the greatest gift we can give to God is a thankful heart, mind & speech.

I will never forget one promise that my Grandmother Rhoades made to God. One Sunday after church I decided to cross the highway in front of their house & go fishing. I invited her to go with me and she sadly told me that she had promised the Lord to never fish on Sunday.

She then told me that because she loved fishing and had stopped going to church in order to fish. After many weeks one cold Sunday in church the Spirit convicted her of her unfaithfulness to set aside time with her family to attend church.

She went on to tell me that her & her husband and my mom were sitting in church. Usually they had six sons who sat with them but they were away fighting in the war.

As she looked down the empty pew where her sons usually sat. She vowed to God that she would never fish on Sunday again if He would return her sons alive from the war.

Then she said Benny He was faithful to keep my vow, so as much as I love fishing & fishing with you, I love obeying my promise to God more.

Every time all the boys come over for a BarBQue and the house is full. I am reminded of how our Father kept his words to me. That conversation is emblazoned in my mind.

Oh how faithful Our Lord has been to me in so many ways for so many years. I remember the tears flowing down my grandmothers face as she recounted that story to me. I was just a 10 year old boy, but that was one story I have never forgotten.

So Go With God and He will

be faithful in your life. His concern for us keeping our promises tells us just how important Him keeping His promises to us is to Him. I can tell this as sure as my six uncles return from war was. That our Heavenly Father has been continuously faithful in my life.

By the way my grandmothers earned name was “Goldie” at work and at home. Her life was certainly fitting of her name. She was deeply loved by her children. Her speech never failed to express thanksgiving to our Lord.

As a boy I hated when she was asked to pray thanks over the food, the list of thanksgiving would as a boy seem to go on & on.

Now You know why she was called Goldie it was because of her thankful heart which overflowed with thankfulness.


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