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What happened when Humpty Dumpty was the last one to finish the race? He was a rotten egg. Ho, ho

Hey here is a very astute (clever) question: What is the best way to keep milk from turning sour? Well of course, Leave it inside the cow. As they say, it is an inside job.

Please continue to pray for John as he is still in the hospital but seems to be slowly improving. Pray especially for his spirits, he needs your encouragement when you contact him. Love you John!!!

Pray for our first day of VBS today, for all of the staff to be strengthened & guided by the Spirit.

Monday 7/24

Eccl. 2:7 I bought slaves, both men and women, and others were born into my household. I also owned large herds and flocks, more than any of the kings who had lived in Jerusalem before me."

When a king had many varying projects, structures, land, and nations he out of necessity needed many servants, whether paid or living in his homes. Due to the broad amount of projects that Solomon was conducting he had more workers in his employ than any preceding king in Israel. Because of his wisdom and attempts to bring benefit to the nation this required many people.

1 King 10:14-29 tells of the many types of wealth that Solomon had, from elaborate, extensive programs, to great mining projects all were providing wealth for the nation. As this passage in 1 Kings 10 tells us of the extent of his wealth, this resulted in the world being enamored with these achievments. His acomplishments and endeavors were massive in comparison to the surrounding nations, as a result, those leaders from far & wide were seeking to gain insights from him & His God.

By the way what is the difference between flocks & herds? Do you know?

Well herds are groups of animals that walk on the land, cows, horses, oxen, sheep, goats, etc.

While flocks are animals of flight. Ducks, chickens, quail, turkeys, etc.

Solomon was attempting to help us learn of the extent of his involvement in leading Israel to become a prosperous, powerful nation without bragging on his personal successes. Rather he is trying to help us understand that no matter how prosperous our efforts, still our vital need for God's involvement in our lives is necessary. Larger successes require larger demands. Our efforts in life all require equally involvement from God. For He alone knows the future & its need for guidance in all of these matters.

So Go With God for He cares for each of our needs, whether huge or small, He is there to guide and lead us.

Here is a wise statement: "I asked for all things that I might enjoy life; but in reality; I had been given life that I might enjoy all things."

Tomorrow we will delve into some other lessons that are important for us to gain, Tune In.

brenda x
Lindsay Winterton

Love that last quote.



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