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Wow, you guys did great on yesterdays post. These were a few of the sayings, or blast's from the past.

Here are a couple more common sayings of the past: Not in all the t______ in China; and Oh my aching b__________. Let's see how you guys do on these sayings.

On the lighter side: Why don't scientists trust atoms? Well of course; Because they make up everything!!! Ohhhh not bad for a Friday, huh?


Psalm 3:1,2 "O Lord, I have so many enemies; so many against me. So many are saying, God will never rescue him!"

Have you ever had a day where the feelings that David was talking about in these first two verses, were expressing your very feelings exactly?

We used to have a song that said it this way. "Nobody likes me, Everbody hates me, Guess I'll go eat worms" Do you remember that song? In case you don't remember this tune you can go to You Tube and listen to this kids song. It kinda sounds just like David's mood that he was expressing here.

In this Psalm the next two verses that we'll meditate on tomorrow reminds us of the many reasons that we need to not let these thoughts of sadness win out in the battle for the mind.

This Psalm (song) begins with expressing just why David was so sad he said, "I have so many people who are "against me"; and then he goes on to lament that they are so many, that even God will agree with them, "I'm so bad that I don't even deserve His protection."

Have you noticed how Satan our greatest enemy works on our mind? He loves to over and over point out our mistakes, our failures, our weaknesses? And, I don't know about you, but I have many!!! In fact is seems that the more things that I attempt to do, the greater the stack of failures grows. BUT tomorrow we will learn just how we should guide our mind away from these failures, what I call "My Debbie Downer" thoughts.

I can remember as children, sitting on the porch swing at Grandma Markleys house, when a storm was moving in and the lightening and thunder were building in intensity. We kids couldn't go out and play, so the mood became sullen and sad. That's when Uncle Ray would come out on the porch and tell us stories about his life and how he and dad had faced times of sadness together. They usually ended with a funny, encouraging lesson. We would be reminded that there always was a rainbow after the rain.

So when these thoughts are filling your heart and mind, GO WITH GOD for He makes everything new. He can take our mistakes and disappointments and cause them to make us stronger and yes even better, and of all things, be encouraged with His way of making them all brand new.

Lindsay Winterton

Tea, back.



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