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What a wonderful day we enjoyed with our believing family and believing earthly family. We all celebrated Christ‘s victory over death and sin, for us who put their trust in Him.

Our meditation for today is found in Prov. 17:17 “A friend is always loyal, and a brother is born to help in time of need.”

This passage is pointing out the comparison between true friends and an earthly brother. The friend is someone who is near you in proximity, who is connected by presence. While a brother is one who may be far away, but when problems come is drawn to help, defend, and support you through times of struggle.

We all have many friends who have by choice drawn near to us, and if needed would help us through any circumstance, including times when our human family share in that time also.

What this verse failed to discuss was the believing brother due to the fact that Solomon was unable to yet know of this relationship. As present day believers we know of that depth found in the eternal family, whose love goes beyond even earthly family, outside the faith. This is earthly family who are also followers of Christ. These are the special and unique eternal earthly family.

They aren’t just friends, family, but are children of the King of Kings which speaks of a relationship going beyond and earthly connections.

How blessed all of those of us who know those type of connections, not just friends, or blood born family, but those who are both.

The disciples and New Testament saints knew those deep relationships. Those who were changed for eternity through Christ’s shed blood. Those who when earthly life was gone are still impacted by and looking forward to our eternal union in heaven.

So Go With God and your life will be eternally enriched by our union with Christ and His eternal family members.



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