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Wednesday 10/19

I’m sure you have been kept up nights with this question. Can you guess how much lose change is left behind on airplanes & airports each year? Well if you guessed $58million you were right. Just think there are 16 million flights and there was $960,000 left in security bins at the security check in. So that means all the rest of the $58 million was left somewhere between security check in & check out. I don’t know about you but none of that was mine.

Prov. 24:3,4 “Through wisdom a house is built, And by understanding it is established; By knowledge the room is filled With all precious and pleasant riches.”

This verse is emphasizing the constructive nature of God‘s wisdom, it builds up & brings true joy to each home built on His wisdom. The wisdom based home brings extensive industry, prosperity & happiness.

Notice the comparison of the verses of this chapter so far:

1) Wickedness leaves empty and wrecked lives

2) Wisdom/knowledge fits lives with precious and pleasant riches (eternal)

Filling our mind, heart and life with Jesus and His wisdom will cause our lives to be filled up with joy & many eternal rewards. As we look around us today we see so many depressed & unhappy people. Unless we determine to fill our lives & homes with our Saviors Spirit, by walking controlled by Him, we may easily slide into that same attitude.

Satan wants to bring harm & destruction to our lives and homes, however, walking in harmony with the Spirit brings an uncanny richness to our lives. The greatest gift we can leave for others in our world is the eternal love of God that has been smeared all over our lives.

The other day when Becky & I were babysitting our kids, I made the mistake of putting a thick coat of peanut butter & then setting it down for a minute to help Jane. Well, what I failed to realize that our youngest grandchild Ruth had grabbed my long lost sandwich. Now you can guess the outcome, of course not intentionally Ruth had pb from one spot on her face to her whole being.

You know when we put into practice walking in the Spirit in one area of our life, it so easily spreads all over our lives. However, when we refuse to listen to His gentle voice, then harm & hurt gets spread all over us & others.

So Go With God and He will spread His joy all over you and then you will without even intending to , will spread it into others life.

One time I was trying to help mom by making PB sandwiches for my brother & I and you guessed it I managed to get it all over myself. Mom stepped into the room & the mess was all over me and the table. She made it a game and said let’s see if we can make your sisters sandwiches with the PB on the table. Sure enough there was enough for them and one for her. Then there was all of it on the back of my arm, my hair, even my legs.

If we will but spread the Spirit, in our hearts, and in our lives He will take that and spread Gods love onto others that we come in contact with.

Lindsay Winterton
Oct 19, 2022

Peanut butter, yeah !



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