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Well its Saturday and I promised to tell you the population of Arizona and as Jen said its official number is 7.3 million.

By the way "How do you drive a man crazy? Are you ready for this????? Drum roll, Hide the remote.

Saturday 2/4

Prov. 27:22 "You cannot separate fools from their foolishness, even though you grind them like grain with mortar and pestle."

This is called an extreme comparison. The foolish person is so prone to follow his foolish ways, that even if you in todays terms- put him in a blender- you couldn't separate him from his foolish ways & thinkings.

There are several kings who demonstrated this lifestyle.

Ahaz was a perfect example of this:

Jotham was Ahaz's father, and 2 Chron. 27:6 says this about him "King Jotham became powerful because he was careful to live in obedience of the LORD his God.

Then came Ahaz his son who personified foolishness:

Ahaz in 2 Chron. 28 was one such king, Vs 1,2 tells us he became King at the age 20 we see the extent that he rebelled against his father & God. You say "How foolish was Ahaz?" To the extent that he not only refused to follow after God, he made idols of Baal, offered sacrifices in the valley below Jerusalem called the temple mount.

He then even sacrificed many of his sons to Baal, he worshipped the gods of the nations that Israel & Judah had defeated. He even burned incense to the gods of the land under every tree.

Even after Judah was defeated by all the neighboring Gentile nations, as well as, the army of Israel killed 120,000 of his warriors and captured 200,000 women from Judah.

Ahaz still refused to turn to God. He also encouraged the people of Judah to worship Baal & the foreign Gods. Ahaz rather than repenting & returning to God, he even sunk so low as to pay Assyria a neighboring evil Gentile nation by stealing from the Temple sacred implements, from his own palace, and even from his leaders, in order to bribe them to protect him from other nations in the area.

Vs.22 "Even during this time of trouble, King Ahaz continued to reject God". He was so angry at God he broke up all of the sacrificial articles in the Temple, and sacred furnishings, even barred the door shut so that no one could enter & worship God.

Even though all the historical records of Judah demonstrated for generations that obedience to God brought victory, blessing, peace, wealth. Still Ahaz rebelled, he was so hated by his people that he was refused even to be buried with all other kings in the royal cemetary.

This is living proof to the extent that foolishness pervades ones life. WOW!!! You say; How could this be?

Just Look around us today, to all the ways that the people in power in our country, have rejected Gods ways. Though the writings that they see everyday with their eyes, emblazoned on marble, & bronze surround them.

They walk by everyday historical reminders of heroes who gave credence to God, and testimony of the wisdom of His word. Yet they speak words that offend our Heavenly Father, abuse His very order of creation. Men trying to look, act, and live like women, as though they know better, than a mighty, all-knowing God.

So Go With God for His ways bring wisdom to the simple. Listen to Eccl. 2:26 "For God gives to a man that is good in His sight wisdom, and knowledge, and joy:" Draw wisdom to your eyes, ears, mind and heart for in this way we cast out the foolishness of our day.

brenda x
Feb 04, 2023

How do you drive a woman crazy? Let the man have the remote. It invariably goes to old black and white cowboy movies in my house.



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