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Happy Tuesday it’s a great day today for our ladies Bible study and me with the kids who I really enjoy. Each day is a new adventure to enter we never know just what this day will bring.

Our meditation comes from

Prov. 15:28 “The heart of the godly thinks carefully before speaking, the mouth of the wicked overflows with evil words.”

Two thoughts crowd into our reasoning mind.

Think before you speak

Evil words are rampant

First up is the need for us to think through our conversations. I ran across a verse in Psa. 62:8

it points out three steps to take

to guard our words from

bringing harm to others.

Put total trust in God

Pour out your heart to Him

Go to Him for protection

So let’s be purposeful in our


The second thought of realizing

that harmful words are rampant in

our world so sift through these

words for as Phil. 4:8 words of

truth, honesty, protecting justice,

lift up purity, encourage

loveliness in an ugly world, ones

focused on goodness, and have

virtue and praise at the very

foundation of our thoughts

So how do you meet up to the test?

Do you take the vital steps to be as a piano in tune with our Father?

Are your ears tuned into Our Lord’s heart for “others”

So Go With God spend time in His Word and His thoughts and in conversations with Him and He will cause your tongue to be UP lifting.

Shirley McMahan
Shirley McMahan
Shirley McMahan
Mar 22, 2022

How often have I had to "bite" my tongue for what I've said, can't begin to count them. I have learned, finally, that I don't always have to respond even when I disagree (or especially) with what I hear. 🤔



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