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Well, if you guessed New York City for being the most populated city in the US you were right. Sorry for the mistake of Sears instead of Chicago.

By the way do you know which of these retail businesses started out as a mail order watch business? Was it Kohl's; Macy's; J.C. Penney; Sears, make a guess.

Tuesday 8/15

Eccl. 3:5a "A time to scatter stones and a time to gather stones."

In this time period the farmer would gather the stones in the field to form a wall which would make clear that this land was owned & cared for. Today we have a surveyor to put a stake on our land to identify the extent of our land, in order to keep us from developing land that isn't within our control.

On most farms a fence is put in place to identify the proper boundaries. In 2 Kings 3:19 the prophet referred to spreading stones in the enemies fields as a way to ruin their ability to farm their land.

In other words, the gathering of rocks became a time to till, cultivate and then bring in the harvest. To become productive, however, to spread the stones was speaking of bringing harm to the owner, to make it impossible to plant & grow a crop.

I know that rocks in todays farming process can break equipment that is preparing the soil, planting the seed, or harvesting the crops. This results in delays from proper harvest times.

Many times in order to build a home on the farm the farmer would gather the stones and use them to build their home stead. They would build a wood structure & then stack stones to secure & insulate the home.

In other words, there is a time to be creative and a time to be destructive. Many times when armies would invade the homeland they would burn their crops in oder to keep the armies from having food to eat, and to create a barrier in order to cause difficulty in moving troops.

The ash & dust when stirred up would make them sick & have greater difficulty to breath & rest. The ash would also cause you to become dirty, gritty, and miserable. This was a war tactic to stop armies from invading their land.

So Go With God for He will guide you & protect you from Satan the enemy coming into your life & invading what should otherwise be beneficial & productive in our lives. My dear friend take back those things in your life that can bring comfort & care to you and those who you care for. He has blessings in mind for your life as we live in obedience to His ways.

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Aug 15, 2023




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