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In answer to my quiz of yesterday, was Dr. Seuss created the Christmas character of the Grinch. In the movies he has been acted out by more than nine varying characters. He is a furry pot-bellied, snub -nosed yellow-green human type creature, living near Whoville.


Psalm 1:2 "But his delight is in the law of the Lord, And in His law he meditates day and night."

We here notice that the wise person delights, and in fact joys in the Lord's ways, he isn't just placing himself under the law but rather intent of being surrounded by it or is in it. It isn't a ball and chain that he feels burdened too follow, but rather fills him with delight by reading, and striving to understand, and results in bringing delight as a result of walking in beat with the instructions of God. He finds himself obeying them not out of obligation but rather out of anticipation. He strives to glean principles, and precepts from the words of our Lord.

He meditates in the words of Jesus. This word meditate, reminds me of the cow as they would walk about the ground biting off fresh green grass, to enjoy, they moved about the field until they had gathered comfortable mouth full. Then they swallow that lump of grass, then they begin to collect another clump of grass till they had another full mouth of fresh grass, then they would again swallow it, and so on, for at least six or seven times.

Then they would look for a place of shade and breeze and then contentedly sets down, chewing that cud. They spend the day chewing the grass that they had collected. They attempt to extract every nutrient that they can, in other words, meditating, pondering to come to a full understanding of the words that they have tried to ingest all of the rich insights that are spoken of in their verses.

When the people of Jesus' time first heard his instructions to them, they were magnetically drawn to His words. He spoke words of deeper meaning than they had known. He spoke in stories, and illustrations, that were profound and vast in their meanings. He used stories, illustrations which led them to an understanding of the Bible that they were amazed by, as well, His being filled with care and compassion.

The people of His day were drawn to these simple words of truth and yet they were words of great depth. They were words not of what they must do, but were words of those things which had been given in order for them to yet experience Jesus' accomplishments He was about to provide for all of mankind.

SO GO WITH GOD for His words are words of instruction, healing, guidance, and fulfillment. So rest on His truths for they are enriching to the extent that we draw from them. If we simply read once quickly over one time with no deeper thought they will not influence our lives. However, if we read, reread, concentrate on, mull over, consider how they should influence our plans, then they will bring rich meaning to our lives.

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