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Toren’s UPDATE...Keep praying.... We just got done with the Toren's appointment. Doctor said we are now past him loosing his eye, now we are working on saving his vision. He did an exam on his eye and he does say he has quite a bad stigmatism, so he wants to remove the sutures. He believes the sutures may be increasing the complications for his vision, so removing them may be a big option. He does want to give his eye one more week and that way he can dilate them and decide next step. He did say the eye looks really good though after the surgery, no bulging, which is great. He told us to go ahead and remove the eye patch, as his eye looks like it is almost healed all the way and it would take a lot of force to open the sutures at this point.

He is decreasing his drops to only 4 times a day for both. Originally he was on 10x a day for one and 4x for the other, then he was 6x a day for one and 4x a day for the other, now his is simple 4x a day which is awesome for us...ya...he wants to see him again next week and see how it's going. Prayers to heaven....



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