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Laughing at Kings

Scripture Reading — Psalm 2

The One enthroned in heaven laughs . . . saying, “I have installed my king. . . .” — Psalm 2:4-6

It is not easy to be hopeful and prayerful people in a world of politics.

For people of faith, it is easy to be intimidated. In a world of powerful corporate interests, global economies, and systemic injustices, what difference do our puny prayers and little acts of obedience make?

Psalm 2 speaks of the nations and peoples of the world, with their powerful kings and rulers, conspiring against the Lord. They say that following God and his ways is oppressive. God’s ways of justice and truth hold them back and get in their way; it’s much easier to throw off those chains, they say.

What can Christ’s followers do in a world where the majority and the powerful reject God’s ways? One answer might be to listen for God’s laughter. The Lord’s laughter in Psalm 2 shatters the illusion that the wicked will have their way forever. The Lord laughs when presidents and prime ministers speak as if their plans are ultimate and their victories are final.

The Lord announces in Psalm 2 that he will appoint his own Son as King over the nations. And in Jesus’ ascension to the throne of heaven, this process has already begun (Acts 2:31-36). Trusting wholly in Christ, we can pray that his kingdom keeps coming, and we can be assured that God’s ways will prevail over the unjust powers of the world.

Lord, let us celebrate your rule, knowing you are in control over all the mess of worldly politics. Give us the blessed refuge of trusting in Christ, our King. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Cheryl Ortiz
Unknown member
Nov 20, 2020

Thank you Betty for letting God use you as a vessel for the scriptures Amen!



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