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Daily Devotionals

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Betty Elliott
A Faithful Spiritual guide. Always there to help others before oneself. Remarkable!Faithful Christian

Victory is a word God showed me in my deep struggle many years ago. I remember the joy and peace I found in this word from God, as soon as I Let go and Let God. God is always helping me to remember this. My life belongs to Him.

Just like the Israelites thought their way was best, they always had struggles and battles to face because of their chosen. It was then they realized they needed to obey God. God always showed them mercy and grace by selecting someone to tell them how to when the Victory.

We are no different, we think God isn’t concerned with the little battles We face so We do not bother Him with it. But all struggles are important to God. He wants us to ask for help and He Will give the Victory.

This should be an important word in our closeness to God. It will remind us that no matter what battle or struggle we are going though, we can not win the battle alone, ask God to for help and He Will Give the Victory. God Knows Best.



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